YouTube Fan Favorite!


For those of you who were subscribed to my old YouTube will recognize this fan favorite! For those of you who are new, perfect time to subscribe as I was told this one was pretty funny.
This was the day I got to be a “Karen”

What’s interesting about this video is that we didn’t planned on doing a YouTube, my mom just started videotaping me because our food was taking so long… Well you’ll see! Subscribe - like- comment- and turn on notifications! Also I will have a bonus Valentines video on Sunday! So make sure you tune in for that one. I’m going to attempt to do a baking with Bella segment again. For those of you who have been on my lives, or seen other videos… Know that baking and cooking are not exactly my strong point. Fingers crossed 🤞 have a great Valentines weekend.

We were supposed to go to see my dad and brother but woke up to frozen pipes as it is 55 below zero with windchill in Montana right now! So we are rescheduling our trip for a warmer day next week and my mom is working on getting our pipes fixed. Never a dull moment in the Bella Bella house!