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So if you have been following me for more than five minutes, you know that I LOVE ANIMALS! More so I love MY ANIMALS! Enough I had started their own Instagram @themoneypets   My dog Bristol started out doing Amazon reviews...probably the funniest review video I ever sent in was the one where we reviewed this pooper scooper and the neighbors dog made his debut by literally taking a dookie while the filming.  Seriously folks, you just can't write this stuff! Amazon loved it hahaha and I might add, this neighbor is a lawn specialist and upon hearing of this video, gave my mom a free 5 acre/mow/cleanup/weedeating  WIN WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway still have the pooper scooper and the neighbors dog STILL comes to our yard to play and sometimes uses the bathroom...But she's too cute to kick to the curb. You may have seen this dog on my's the chocolate lab. The one who saved it's friend...the OTHER neighbor dog (yellow lab) who fell in our pond after falling through the ice this last fall. I was out playing by the trees that is by our pond and witnessed the entire thing. I couldn't believe what I saw. Once the chocolate lab fell in, it started flailing in the half/ice and made this weird noise. The yellow lab heard it's weird cry, ran over, and got in the pond far enough, to grab it's collar and pull it to shore. It was literally the coolest thing I ever saw. I remember running to my mom and telling her what happened. I was frantic! Can I just say Bristol just stood there and did nothing....sigh...I guess it is what it isl Anyway the neighbors didn't hear this story until they came to give my mom an estimate on doing our 5 acre lawn stuff and she was able to tell that story and the amazon story.  hence the free lawn care

So lets move on to my other animals. We have Angel...our grey/white cat who's literally the DIVA OF THE HOUSE! You might have seen her featured in some of my Tiktoks...most recently the "touch the butt" instagram post hahahahaha...she seriously is the most difficult animal in the house. She's soooooo DIVA! I try to get her to pose - she does what she wants...WHEN she wants! She is alot like my one black/white lion head bunny Chanel (part of the duo Coco/Chanel bunnies) Just a type of animal where they call the shots and that's that! Angel however, is our huge mouser in the house.   Yes I live in the sometimes it's inevitable mouse get in....before we call CPS or animal control (LOL) it's actually a normal thing when you live in the country! She's a diva but yet a cold hearted killer...hmmmm....reminds me of some model moms I know BAHAHAHAHAAHA OK THAT WAS FUNNY!

MOVING ON....Now we have Sketcher. He's our handsome, COOL cat with more than nine lives! Sketcher is actually my brothers cat. But he lives with my dad now, so Sketcher is just like the family pet who is KING! He's is our oldest animal. He was my brothers bday gift waaaaaaaay back in the day. He is 10 going on 11 and he has quite the life. He is the only animal who left our original city, went to my moms hometown, then moved with us last year to our new town. Two weeks before we moved last year, he TOTALLY WENT MISSING. we had our entire house packed up and my mom was TOTALLY freaking out! we looked everywhere...called and run the neighborhood every single night...the rental we were in , sold alot faster than we thought and we had one week to move. I was already doing summer cheer practices in the new town/gym and we were literally traveling almost two hours twice a week to get me there. One night (about two days before our final move and almost two full weeks of Sketcher missing) we got home around 11:30 PM from cheer and we got out of the car and heard this weird meowing...It WAS HIM!!!!!!!!! He had lost all his weight, had part of his ear missing but he WAS ALIVE! We were so so happy! This is our handsome tiger kitty, and FYI he still has tears in his little ear 🙁 I'm not sure what happened  but God literally brought him back to us JUST IN TIME!)

Ok so now the bunnies...This last Christmas I BEGGED for a bunny! I went ALL OUT .....I gave my mom stats, I studied bunny care, I even gave a presentation with facts....not even kidding I did! She had me going, she kept saying no...little did I know she went to get me a bunny, but once there realized she couldn't decide which one and because of MY PRESENTATION of how bunnies do better in pairs, decided to get me TWO! Hence...the Coco Chanel Duo team...Coco is so friendly and the tan bunny. She has run up to my killer cat Angel and just looked at her like "whatever!" Chanel the black and white bunny who's literally the cutest lion head bunny I have EVER kind of like Angel...snobby with a touch of back off- but cute doing it.  Coco loves the camera, Chanel...has to be in the mood...hmmmmm again sounds like another animal in the house LOL

So last but certainly not least, I have to bring up Bristol...I talked a bit about her above but she does have quite a special story of how she came to us....She is by far our most well known and well behaved animal in the house. At the time of Bristols rescue, We already had my mom's beloved Border Collie/lab mix Junior...who by the way since his passing has a SHRINE....that's how attached my mom was to this dog...apparently when my mom and dad divorced they figured out a parenting plan just fine on me and my brother...not so much on the dog. They fought tooth and nail over Junior...I won't get into that, let's just say my mom won LOL moving point is SHE ADORED THIS DOG BEYOND BELIEF. We still had Junior and we had just moved to a new city, into a new house with ten acres and perfect for dogs. My mom came across this ad how this lab mix was needing a home. She made the comment...."awww it looks like Junior, only short hair" There were like 30 comments above hers on this classified ad to take her. She just commented "if you don't find a home in time, message me" We literally forgot about it. We got all settled in, and a week later this lady calls my mom and says we can have this dog...named Penny at the time. My mom was a little taken back and said "wow, you had so many wanting her...what's the issue" I don't really know what the rest of the convo was but my mom said she would take her on a one week basis and see how she did. We had a brand new build house with new carpet ect...It was also dead of winter in Montana...We got "Penny" renamed her Bristol and let Junior train her on potty training ect. of how things worked. Without going into details lets just say everything the lady told us about his dog was hogwash...not potty trained, not use to other animals ect. My mom called the lady and Bristol was suppose to be picked back up. Within the two days of suppose to be taken out, this dog did a total 100%'s just like she KNEW she was going to a new home. She won the hearts of us all and my mom called to say nevermind and the rest is history. This dog has turned out to be the best dog ever. After Junior passed, she never left my moms side as she cried. She slept with me everynight. She guards me, she plays with me, she has been such a blessing. And she's the ONLY animal who listens LOL

Here's some fun footage of our animals...and not to disappoint...the impression I did on my story the other day with the southern accent...was me impersonating my rabbit Coco...I give all my animals voices and personalities...Yes I too am authentic and a rescue of sort. My heart belongs to animals. Always will. If you ever want to donate money to any charity please choose one that includes animals. That would make my heart so happy!


Happy Sunday Funday Bella Bella's...I am off to the lake to shoot what is probably the last of summer here in Montana. Bristol is coming and will be swimming and enjoying her time too.

love you all!