Welcome to my New Publication Page! Here you will find publications that
I have been in and future ones as they come out. I hope you all Enjoy It!

Love Bella XOXO

The Frozen Wild


This was a super fun shoot as Flathead Lake was just starting to thaw out. My agency took these photos and submitted them to @likealionmagazine and I’m so grateful, as this is my first Australian magazine publication! Although I have numerous publications where I have done my own hair and make up this would be only my second publication of giving me credit for my make up artistry. (I received my first make up artistry publication in February on one of my agencies other models who was publicized.
I used @glamspotglobal Cosmetics which included my Bella Lyn style lashes!


March 2021 Issue

Dent Model Magazine March Issue featuring my sailboat shoot with the fun and talented photographer Matt Silliman @1sp_official
Thank you to my amazing team!

Thank You Petite Magnifique @petitemagnifiquemagazine for The feature in your December 2020 issue highlighting the amazing designer “Elena Collection” @elenacollectionla

 I snagged my very first back cover with this publication! It was a great photo shoot and shot by my favorite Montana photographer Gary Luce. I did my own hair and make up of course! Elena is a Los Angeles designer who sells and rents out runway couture designs. She made a line of luxury masks and I was lucky enough to model for her. She’s an exquisite and talented designer!

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