Montana is my Home


We wanted to do a shoot for this purple dress I had. I spent an hour doing my hair and another half hour doing my makeup. We had a different location picked..then it started raining, so I threw on Muck boots under this dress, my mom grabbed her camera and we decided let’s just do this right outside the house. It was a FAST photo shoot as we had to get as many photos as we could before it really started pouring, and all of that work I did on my hair and make up would go down the drain, not to mention the camera would get wet! I actually loved how the photos turned out and neighbors were staring at us as they drove by watching my mom in  her pajamas/slippers  and me in  this formal dress running back to our house! Hahaha we are very lucky that we live in such a beautiful state that at last minute, to have change your location and just do it in your yard still works and we still got the shot! I’m Montana proud, it will always be called home and is my heart ❤️ 💜

I will be posting a few of my favorite shots on my Instagram this week! Hope you enjoyed the video and as a sidenote it’s actually raining, thundering, and lightning here again! It REALLY  freaked out the animals LOL we are ALL huddled in my moms bedroom as she edits photos from yesterday’s shoot. Which luckily we got all of our shots for that done yesterday because it was sunny and  beautiful here just 12 hours ago! (not so much right now) As I said I love Montana but it might be a little bipolar 😆