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Your support helps to power Bella's 3 biggest passions: Modelling, Acting and Cheerleading. We thank you in advance for your partnership in making these things possible.

Bella was recently invited to New York Fashion Week to apprentice under a celebrity makeup artist! Bella is currently saving in order to make this trip in 2021.

To find out what Bella is up to each week, join and become a member of her fan club.

Members of Bella's fan clubs will see her professional modelling and cheerleading pics before they are posted to her Instagram page. Bella also loves to create tutorials and videos and share her love of makeup, modelling, acting and cheerleading. Ultimate fans will receive these videos weekly!

Bella Ultimate Fans -  will receive updates each Tuesday, Thursday and on the weekend.
Bella Super Fans - will receive updates each Tuesday and Thursday.
Bella Beautiful Fans - will receive an update each Tuesday.
Bella Fans - will receive an update each fortnight.


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