It’s Bella Beach Premiers!!!!!

We have Launched!


Hey there Bella Bella's! Well this is an exciting announcement! We are slowly building a swimsuit line, one that eventually; I will design all by myself. Until I'm to that point, we are working with a manufacturer and of COURSE Gils Graphics to start this line I named "It's Bella Beach" (all you Brittany fans will know where my vision stemmed from!) This has been a dream for a few years. I will be taking some design courses this year as I continue with High School and aiming to graduate early! (I'm already one year ahead and I have big goals to graduate at least two years early!) Along with my makeup artistry apprenticeship I am LOVING being able to dip into this crazy creative side I have. My mom is very business trained and my dad is very creative trained. I am blessed to have both of these traits and decided to put the DNA  to good use! I mentioned starting this line a few years ago, and tried to get it off the ground a year ago and then covid hit. Now I'm ready to rock and roll! I hope you like these photo's! If you do we have our FIRST FULL SET available for purchase on Select Sets! You can find their link on my homepage, scroll to bottom and under Quick Links you'll see "Bella's sets on Select Sets" I also have a link tree on my instagram bio that has it as well! This money I'm earning from your support, is going towards saving for New York Fashion Week in September but not only that....I'M BUYING MY VERY FIRST CAR THIS WEEK!!!!!!!! I'm so excited but mom says I need a lot more work on practicing driving LOL I'm book smart so I know I can totally pass the writing test, but yeah...parallel parking looks a bit daunting. eeeeeeeeek! Can y'all believe some of you have been with me from the very beginning and now here I am with a swimsuit line being built, working with CNBC makeup artists, headed to NYFW and now DRIVING!!!! O...M...G! I'm so blessed to have such supportive family, friends, and followers! You are all on here and making such a difference in my life.

Thank you!

Now go ahead and go hit up Select Sets and check out SET ONE! Next week there will be more!