I’m off to Camp!


What’s up Bella Bellas!!!! My blog is a little later today because I wanted to vlog as I went and headed to camp! To say I’m excited is a TOTAL understatement! This is literally my favorite event every single summer and this will be the third summer in a row that I have gone to my agencies model summer camp. RMEA is like a family! So each time I come it’s like getting to see your family and all of your best friends in one spot.  

They always have several different camps to choose from, and each one is a little different and I’ve been to all of them! This is one of my favorites because I love riding on the boat. This year they got new tubes and I’m super excited to go tubing and I actually like getting thrown off LOL 

  One year I was  so high up in the air I actually made some of the other models nervous… But not me- I mean I’m a flyer in cheerleading- I spent half my life in air ? let’s see what kind of tricks I can do this year. Be paying attention to my Instagram stories as I will be supplying some footage there, and then sending off  secret footage to my mom for all of my fan club members.  

I hope you enjoy this video, from me getting ready, to doing my normal car singing, and getting to camp, I wanted to show you every Little step of the way. I should have a really great blog by next week with additional footage and some exclusive footage just for fan club members.  

Speaking of Fan club members… Boy or boy do we have a big surprise for you on Tuesday! I did a very glamorous shoot, according to my mom they are her favorite photos of me so far! Beautiful, Super and Ultimate fans will get to see a portion, more on Thursday for Super and Ultimate and then the rest to the ultimate fans on Saturday! So until then, your favorite best friend is off to enjoy the next four days of just being a kid, enjoying summer camp, and still getting to take some really awesome photos!  

Love to you all  


Your favorite best friend~ Bella!!!!