I love to choreograph!!!!


Good Sunday to you all!!! I finally am home for a hot minute to do a blog this Sunday! This Sunday I'm leaving you all with a choreographed routine that took me about five minutes to come up with. I am constantly making up my own cheer/dance routines at home. I will bust out in cheer moves at home, at the grocery store, the mall...you name it! It's just in my blood! I normally will do a full three minute routine but tomorrow I have full out final cheer tryouts, I am fairly confident I'm on the team but this also will secure team placements and what position I do! I'm super excited. I never get nervous for tryouts, it's weird. I get more nervous when I do auditions or when I have to sing in front of people, but the cheer stuff is always just fun for me. Plain and simple.

I didn't include a step by step in this one like I use to do for the BellaBellaTv, what are your thoughts on that? Do you WANT to see the steps to learn, or do you like to just see the full routine performed like I did here? Drop your comment so I know what you think!

Well obviously Corona virus completely stopped our season last year, we don't really know 100% what this year will look like. We haven't been practicing stunting and we condition and work on tumbling 6 feet apart. We all have to get our temp taken before we can even enter the gym, wear a mask in until we get in our 6 feet apart positions and sanitize in and out of the gym entrance. I was told we can start stunting soon, but not sure how that will look-if we will be required to wear masks or what since there is alot of sweating that goes on. It's just a whole new world since Covid...I pray every day it goes away like it did in China where it originated. Flying to Florida was a new experience doing 10 hour days in a mask, and the flight attendants give you a sanitary wipe to wipe your seats and surrounding area off before and after takeoff. It's a pain for sure, but whatever it takes for this crud to go away.

Anyway back to this routine, it's just a quick cheer routine I made up and danced in a few minutes...give me your thoughts on the step by step process and also if you ever do your own dancing/cheering/tumbling make sure you are warmed up so you don't pull any muscles or hurt yourself. I practice tumbling on my tumble track but I avoid doing back tucks as I do not have them mastered just yet and need a spot. Always know your level! Ok Bella Bella's! I hope you had an amazing weekend-enjoy this short video and thanks for waiting for the blog. Travel took precedence last Sunday. Alrighty roo, I'm off



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