Hello February!


Hello Bella Bella’s and Hello February! It’s been a hot minute since I posted some photos for the blog and what better time than the month of love to show my best fans a little extra! So I dug out my pink backdrop, my sparkly heart, threw on one of my favorite jumpsuits… Seriously the color and the sparkle on this is amazing don’t you agree? Also it now can be put into the pile of last time to wear because I barely was able to get out of it LOL last year I was drowning in it and had to pin it! Funny thing is we could not find this anywhere! I looked and looked and I thought maybe I left it in a hotel somewhere in my many travels. My mom went to go look for a garment bag this last weekend when I was doing a photo shoot and she found one of the garment bags tucked in the very back of a closet and when she unzipped it TADAAAA here it was! Glad I could get one last wear and shoot in this!!

OK so few things I am going to talk about today. First thank you to r regime who donated to my go fund me page for my cats Sketcher. He had a bad blockage and his poor bladder ruptured and needed emergency surgery. Very expensive surgery and without everyone’s hope we would not of been able to pay for it, and it saved his life!!! He is now home and resting and we have to keep him away from the other animals and keep an eye on him for a little while but I can already tell he’s feeling so much better.

On a brighter note I have some more thank you’s to give!!! I have had a lot of fun going to my post office box lately where I am finding donations and gifts and I am just so blessed to have such amazing fans who do this for me! Thank you to Leonard, Rich, Gary, Robbie, Gils Graphics and Steven Who have all went on my Amazon wish list and picked out some things for me. I also had an anonymous gift of the 1920s dress that I had put on my list the day that I did the poll on Instagram, where I let the fans choose which era they would like to see me model. I had numerous votes for 1920s and then some awesome fan went and bought the dress! If you want to remaIn Anonymous that’s cool, but I would love to also send you a thank you postcard so if you don’t want to keep it a surprise please let me know who got me this as it was so much fun to model. That was the shoot I was out doing this last weekend and we shot in this really cool old building and I think that you all will like it! Sometime this month I’m going to be modeling the other clothes that were Bought and within the next few months model the swimsuits that were bought. So please know if you got me some thing and don’t see it right away on Instagram it doesn’t mean I didn’t wear it or model it, it just means it’s coming up! I actually just posted a photo on my Instagram not too long ago of me modeling a swimsuit in a studio and that was literally taken eight months ago LOL

Also in regards to the Amazon gift cards, those are not ones that I cash in, they are to only be used for purchases. I usually spend it on make up as many of you know I am totally obsessed with buying make up, it’s always needed to keep up with every day stuff but also to do different things modeling. I will spend it on outfits, helping with travel costs for both cheer and modeling, acting or singing lessons, modeling workshops, and I’ll admit the occasional visit to Starbucks LOL but just to clear that up these cards are not Ones that can be used for cash withdrawal. They are gifts and they are spent as such ️
I’m excited that I get to go see my dad and brother next weekend! We are taking my brother and his beautiful girlfriend out to dinner and my mom is giving us all our valentines gifts! ️ that will be our Valentines weekend… Do you celebrate? I know some people hate the holiday, and some people love the holiday. When I was little it was always fun to have valentines parties at our school and get all of our classmates valentine cards. Now I look forward mostly to the chocolate I got to see what my mom got my brother and his girlfriend but she has been pretty good about hiding my gift as she knows that sometimes I tend to peek… Seriously you do it one time and they never let you forget it LOL OK well I should probably hop off of here, I hope you like the photos and I hope you all have a wonderful Valentines!!! Also don’t forget that I’m taking valentine requests on my cameo and you can find that link right here on my website !
Oh one last thing… I nearly fell out of my chair when I realized I had 431 website members! This is the most I’ve ever had in the three years I’ve had a website of some sort. You guys totally rock so thank you everybody!!!



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