Hard Work Gets You That Trophy!


Hello Bella Bella's!!!! Well it's a new week and who's ready? I had to have some coffee this morning as I had a late night having dinner lakeside and then worked on TikTok's! Some of which I will be sharing this week on my fan club that are not public on my actual TikTok account. I am also posting one of them on my Instagram tomorrow, so make sure you give that a visit!

So today's blog is about one of my greatest LOVES!!!!!! NO I'm not talking about Zac Efron LOL I'm talking about CHEERLEADING! I made this exclusive video at the end of our cut short season! I do have some Nationals Highlights video on my instagram, but this has NEVER BEFORE BEEN SEEN! I am hoping we start practice this month, but with mask regulations still in play here in Montana...it's still up in the air. So I continue to practice on my tumble air track, my stunt stand and streeeeeetch!!!!! I have managed to pull my needle as I have stretched since quarantine started back in March! My bow and arrow on my stunt stand is looking good and now I just need MY TEAM! It's just never quite the same without practicing with my actual teammates.  I think this year we have a few new girls on the team.  That was ME last year, as I had moved and after cheering with the Mustangs since I was in Kindergarten, I was thrown into a new team..two actually, as I did the junior and the senior team last year....It's always hard to come in as a newbie, where everyone has cheered together for Years!!!! It was also hard for me especially starting so young on the senior team with most who were anywhere 3-6 years older than I was, and come in as a flyer and try to prove yourself. Last year was also the FIRST time I had the chance to fly. For some reason my old coach, wouldn't even let me PRACTICE flying, let alone do it. But kudo's, after being in EVERY other single position, it literally made me a better cheerleader. It was kind of amazing to compete against them for the first time and show them what I had been capable of doing the entire time. Our last competition, was not suppose to be our last...we were only into half our season, as most teams were when Covid hit and cut everyones dreams short of going to Orlando. That particular competition was suppose to be my first time adding the bow and arrow to our routine and a few new stunts that we tweeked...unfortunately our team didn't get to do that. So I have practiced ALL SUMMER on my skills and hope to come back with a vengeance to get the BIG TROPHY. But with that said, our last competition ended up being our best routine EVER! I'm so grateful for that. If we had to go out early, at least it was with two first place wins for both our Junior and Senior teams and the first time I had ever landed each and every stunt with absolutely no mistakes. My coaches were literally in tears and hugging me telling me how proud they were. It was the best feeling in the world to know that they just never gave up after I had struggled so much with one particular harder stunt. Those mental blocks will get yah in cheer...trust that! But my coaches never gave up, even through some frustrating practices my teammates never gave up, and I will truly NEVER EVER FORGET THAT DAY! I'm so excited to get back on the mat, as I know every other athlete has been yearning for since Covid took over the world. I truly hope everyone has been staying safe, practicing safe health guidelines and we can go back to our normal.

Well with that said, I get a new cheer uniform this year and as most families are, we are pretty tight financially after Covid and my dads accident landing him in ICU for a month. He is still recovering, but getting better everyday (Thank  you ALL who prayed for him btw and still check in with me to see how he's progressing) I'm going to be hitting our cheer fundraisers hard this year as I know personally our family will need it. Please feel free to message me if you are wanting to sponsor or inquire about my gyms fundraising efforts. My mom knew many businesses in our old hometown who sponsored me because she grew up there, we are still fairly new to this town and team and so we do have old sponsors/businesses who still reach out and want to continue to support me which is really really cool considering I now compete against my old hometown team. People are good. Don't ever forget that, and know that hard work ALWAYS pays off! It might not come when YOU think it should, but I know God know's what he's doing, and making me work that much harder for something I wanted for so long, made last years personal victory that much sweeter and I truly APPRECIATED it more had it just been handed to me!!!! I know everything worked out the way it was suppose to. Now I couldn't even imagine cheering for a different team, but still love and hug my old teammates. Life is good. Hard work WILL get you that trophy!

love to you all

Stay Safe