Glitz Girl Beauty with Bella Blog – Step by Step Tutorial


This is a very everyday look that adds glam and just a bit of POW to your allready natural beauty! Many people think, I'm not good with makeup, it's too much work or too much time or too much money!  I have tried MANY brands of makeup and I have found some that meet my list of affordable makeup with expensive quality.  One of them is GlitzGirl Cosmetics...and no I'm not getting paid to say that! LOL

I LOVE shopping Sephora and have spent GOBS of money in there! My dad gave me a gift card there to shop for a holiday I believe...I came out with only a few items because of cost and got home and was so disappointed in one of the products I had just spent $45 on. (I refuse to dog the actual brand as they very well could have lots more items I never tried) AND Don't get me wrong either, I still LOVE Sephora!  It's still my favorite makeup store to shop at.  I'm all about James Charles, Jeffree Star and many other brands that cost more but to me worth the money. But coming from a single parent family, I'm also VERY AWARE of the budget issues especially with cosmetics, it often is first to get cut.  A want not a need as my mom would say. So with that said, I'm just SO VERY IMPRESSED WITH GLITZGIRL cosmetics. They have a wide variety of pallets, for the everyday makeup user to people like me who are under lights dancing, cheering or acting! It's SO AFFORDABLE and I told my mom the quality is off the hook. She knew I REALLY liked it because I hid it from her so she wouldn't use it haha...she still snooped and found and used the eyeshadow palette but the other stuff is still hidden.

Ok so here's a 19 minute step by step tutorial of how I got this look. Without having to do a tutorial I am able to bust this makeup look out in 15 minutes! So not bad at all!

Hope you all enjoy! Now go find YOUR perfect palette at Glitzgirlcosmetics and find your favorite colors and give it a try! Drop me a line and tell me how YOUR LOOK turned out!


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