Father’s Day Tribute


This Father’s Day is a special one for me. not that long ago, as some of you may already know… I didn’t know if I would have my dad this Father’s Day. After surviving and overcoming a really terrible accident, he has shown me just how strong he truly is. I’ve always known my dad to be a hard worker, funny, a jokester, A little rough around the edges at times~ but really just a big teddy bear at heart… Don’t let the tattoos Fool you! I have watched my mom and dad go through every divorced couple/coparenting issue you could possibly have, and that’s an understatement ! But what I can always count on,  is at the end of the day their friendship always triumphs - sometimes quickly and sometimes it takes a little bit LOL. But I do know that they always try to do what’s best for us kids. And isn’t that what being a parent is truly about? I always know that my dad will have my back no matter what, I know as I’m heading into teen years and High School,  that just like my brother,  even if we are in trouble, maybe made a bad choice, or in danger of any kind  that my dad will be there for me. As miles separate us Right now, I truly appreciate my time with him more than ever. So this Father’s Day I thought I would do what I do best and well… That’s making videos.

I just want to thank all the family and friends who sent  me or my mom photos to be used for this special tribute. I love you dad, I miss you, but most of all I’m just so grateful you are still with us. There’s truly nobody else like you. From our entire family we just want to thank everybody that sent prayers to him, even the doctors were amazed by his recovery. I have no doubt that God heard everyone’s prayers. I also want to thank his motorcycle club that he was riding with that day, for acting fast and for being there with him, it petrify’s me to think what would’ve happened had he been by himself that day. A huge thank you to the hospital, emergency personnel, and all of the medical staff who was there for him. I want to thank  my brother BrodIe, For being so incredibly brave while he was hospitalized, letting me and mom know what was going on, and just being the best big brother ever. I also want to thank my Gramma And Grampa F for calling my mom and I so many times during his trauma, and letting us know what was going on with him. This is a pretty personal blog for me, but there’s just no way to share my life and be a true public figure without sharing all of it. That means my Ups and my downs. My success and my failures.

One of the reasons I wanted to do a website and blog was for my family who lives so far away to keep up with what I am doing and being able to see me as I grow. For my fans and followers, it was a platform where everybody could see me aside from what Instagram shows. And being a model, or even an actress for that matter or anything in this industry you were often told how to be, what to wear, what to weigh. As much praise as you get, you get just as much criticism, with that you get a very thick skin. But I do know I’ve been able to handle this, for one because I really want it, two I know who I am, and three because I’ve had amazing support from both of my parents. If I didn’t have my dads support and knowing that he knows I could do this I’m not sure where I would be. He has helped make me who I am today. I often get judged by the way I look and that’s going to happen especially in this industry… But luckily I have grown up knowing not to take anybody’s crap as my dad would say, and if you get knocked down you get right back up. I think about all of the gymnastics, cheerleading, dance, school concerts and sporting events He has had to sit through ~and help pay for 😂 So the very least I can do is try to make him a video of which I included all of his kids, to tell him thank you DAD! Thank you for believing in me. I love you and I hope you  and everyone else enjoys this video! Xoxo  BELLA

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to this music.

SONG ONE- by Kenny Chesney “There goes my Life”

SONG TWO- by Will Smith “Just the Two of us”