Easter Blog 4/4/21


What’s up Bella Bella’s!? Well first and foremost let me apologize for the noticeable absence here on the website. We did not forget about you LOL there was a sickness going on that kept us from posting a few times. But do not fret I have those posts ready for the fan club, and then here is my public blog for everyone! To make up for the fact that I haven’t been on here in a little while I made a really awesome video from last year‘s California trip I did with Natalie Grace. This was such a fun weekend and Natalie will always be one of my good friends as she is such a sweetheart. We did a super cool boat shoot with the fabulous photographer Matt Silliman, then we had a rock your hair event where we got to shoot with the famous Mark Singerman. Between photoshoot‘s, lots of hairspray and make up and some tiktock‘s , I got some great behind-the-scenes footage and mushed it all together to make this one video for you my Bella Bella‘s! I hope that You enjoy this as much as we had making it!