Coleman – National Campaign


That’s right, it’s me, your girl Bella Lyn and my  first national campaign photo shoot. This was this last summer for Coleman camping gear. You can find me on their website

This was so far up in the mountains I cannot even begin to describe to you how amazing of scenery we were around. Besides being on my very first national campaign, we also had another first that day on our way to the photo shoot. So when I tell you we were deep in the woods… Believe it we were deep deep in the woods, my mom was driving her jeep and she saw something rustling in the trees all of a sudden a HUGE moose was running right beside her jeep as we were on this dirt trail to the cabin of our location. The moose was so close my mom rolled down her window and couldn’t believe it! You never know what you’re going to find in Montana, we I have seen mountain lions and bears on the highway and countless deer and elk but never a moose! I guess now we can check that off of our list!