I love to choreograph!!!!

  Good Sunday to you all!!! I finally am home for a hot minute to do a blog this Sunday! This Sunday I’m leaving you all with a choreographed routine that took me about five minutes to come up with. I am constantly making up my own cheer/dance routines at home. I will bust out […]

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8/24 Makeup Monday Blog

  Here is a Makeup Monday blog for ALL FANS!!! So I was in a creative mood and decided to do this dreamy cloud look with my James Charles palette. I did some unicorn photo’s with it…so tell me what you think! I’m always using makeup as my creative outlet, however I do like art […]

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The Money Pets Blog

  So if you have been following me for more than five minutes, you know that I LOVE ANIMALS! More so I love MY ANIMALS! Enough I had started their own Instagram @themoneypets   My dog Bristol started out doing Amazon reviews…probably the funniest review video I ever sent in was the one where we […]

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