Blog Post 12/13


Hello Bella Bella’s! How are you this fine Sunday Funday? I’m doing GRRRRREAT! Do I sound like Tony the tiger? LOL anyway I had a lot of great feedback on my fun Mad Hatter photo shoot that I did right in my backyard! We have farmers and ranchers for neighbors and you should have seen the looks I got as they drove by! But this was a fun costume to wear and even more fun make up look to do. We had so many great photos and it was really hard for us to choose just 10 for Instagram. So I thought what better place than here to put all of the photos and do a little video for you. That’s right! For my best fans my FAVORITE BEST FRIENDS! So I hope you enjoy these photos and this week I had a lot of fun things planned as well.

I am doing another JoJo Siwa look! I’m going to be doing fun behind-the-scenes videos so I’m not sure if you have checked out my cameo yet, but I will leave you the link and then I also have a highlight button for it on my Instagram. I’ve done personal videos there for people and they vary. I’ve done birthday videos, holiday videos, even a make up tutorial for one lucky fan. I was able to surprise three girls who were fans from their mom writing in and having me do something special for them. It’s a really cool experience and so affordable! I’ve asked people what kind of things they would like to see on my cameos and one of them was some behind-the-scenes videos of my photo shoots! So I’m going to make sure to keep that in mind and on Thursday when I do my JoJo look, , make sure you join cameo and request a behind-the-scenes video, or whatever it is you’d like actually… And I will make a special video just for you! We are also going to be adding a live stream option on there this week, where people can go live with me for a one on one experience. I thought that would be super fun so here is the link for cameo! Have a great week!


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