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So this was the first time I ever did a virtual shoot. It was kind of funny watching my mom try to take photos from her cell phone because it was so bright at this Florida beach! Half the time she said she couldn’t even see what she was doing, but we lucked out and got some great shots. After I got done doing this shoot, I spent the day mostly in the ocean as this Montana girl doesn’t get to see that very often. Everything was fine and dandy until I decided to not listen to my mom and not Reapply sunscreen. I ended up getting really sunburnt and went home early. But I did have a lot of fun in the ocean up until that point LOL

Some of these photos were premiered for CTFashion Magazine and we had a great time working with photographer Mike Chaiken. I have attached the links if you would like to go and read the article!

I hope you all are staying safe as it doesn’t look like Covid is leaving anytime soon… With that said, a little Quarantine humor can be found on my new YouTube channel! Here is the link for that! Also, we always promote each YouTube that is uploaded which is every Wednesday and Saturday, so if you haven’t subscribed yet go check it out! OK Bella Bella is I am off for now, I have midterm test tomorrow and I feel like my brain is going to explode 🤯

Swimsuit by Chance Swim

Click Here for the referenced YouTube Channel

Here is my CT Fashion article


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