Blog – January 15


It’s a FUN FRIDAY BONUS BLOG!!! What’s up Bella Bella’s it’s your favorite best friend!!!! BELLA! So how was everyone’s week? Mine was better! My Covid test came back negative and I’m not sure what me and my mom had but holy moly it was not good! After two weeks of being sick and two weeks off from holiday break I FINALLY returned to cheer! Just in time to, as I have a cheer clinic up against my old cheer team out of town coming up! I will be sporting my BRAND NEW CHEER UNIFORM and all you subscribed to my YouTube will get to see it first along with some behind the scenes! (You can find my YouTube channel on here!) I’m taking a week off of YouTube for extra cheer duties but I’m excited to share with you how that performance goes!

So on my Instagram today I posted photos in a cute cherry 50’s style dress. I LOVE ️ it! Thank you to fan club member Steven for getting me this and other super cute items from my Amazon wish list. (Fan club members have access to this drop down!) . I can’t wait to model it all! But ONLY here can you find the ENTIRE selection of full size photos! Perks of being a BellaBella my blogs are public but if you want to see other awesome never seen photos and get sneak peeks to my YouTube’s, Instagram content and more then just sign up as a fan club member! All you need is an email! It’s that easy!

Stay tuned to my story on insta today @bellalynofficial as I will be giving shoutouts for my post request (you’ll need to go to my Instagram post to see what that is!) AND I’m answering QNA questions from the other day. Also doing some cool songs to go with today’s theme! Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube and turn on notifications so you get to see the uniform FIRST! Plus go check out my other videos!

Have a GRRRRREAT weekend! I love you all! ️️️

xoxo Bella

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