Birthday Blog-watch my live stream!


I'm doing something a little different, I'm posting my blog today (Saturday) and the Ultimate fan post tomorrow instead. Switching the two around!  I've been on the road traveling for my Top Model Shoot, my mom threw me a surprise birthday party Wednesday with all my cheer mates, and today is my birthday! WHOOP WHOOP! I just got home today from my trip and need another day to prepare my ultimate fans post as it's a big one! I've literally doubled my photo's to finish off my golden hour shoot, and supplying some new Hollywood Sports Apparel wear! Along with a few exclusive behind the scene footage from the Top Model shoot that never made instagram! Some of my Golden hour photo's will be highlighted on Insta but fans will get the sneak peek and there's still alot of exclusive photo's coming their way! Ready to upgrade your fan level? I bet! and now is the time! With that said let's get into today's blog post.

This is also a first.  I have never posted a live stream from my Instagram before.  Now that they don't offer to post on your story for 24 hours, many miss my live and have no other way to see unless I post to IGTV.  So here is my SILLY helium live I did.  It was a day after my surprise party and right after my Top model shoot.  So I was in a pretty hyper mood.  I'm not sure if you all catch my lives, but they are always pretty entertaining to say the least. You NEVER know what you are going to get.  They are an instagram favorite and hope you find this to be fun to watch.  No children were harmed during this filming. LOL

Ok, I have some birthday presents to open and I can't wait any longer so please feel free to leave your comments below and if you'd like to enjoy a whopping 40 photo's for my ultimate fans tomorrow...well there's still time to sign up or upgrade.

p.s. Don't forget to go check out my Behind the Scenes video on IG of my Top Model shoot! Like/comment/share and that casts your vote for me!

xoxox love you all and until next time....BYEEEEEEE