Camping – Girls Weekend


Hey everybody, it’s me your girl Bella Lyn!

Like I said in my last Memorial Day  bonus post, camping is one of my favorite things to do in the summer and we had a beautiful hot weekend here in the great state of Montana! It actually got up to 91°, that is super hot for Montana in May! There are often times our summers won’t even really begin until the beginning of July so how lucky are we?

With that said my mom and I decided to go do a  mother/daughter camping trip! We brought my big black lab(named  Bristol) she loves camping too! So a girls trip!!! There was a pool at the RV park and I had a total blast! Swimming is my favorite thing to do- besides shopping and cheerleading 😂

I wanted to share this bonus blog of my weekend for all my peeps out there! I’m so humbled that you all like hearing about what I do- because modeling and acting are just a part of it! This was a win win because I got two straight days of swimming, camping and eating s’mores AND I was able to take some photos and fun videos for YOU!

Wednesday I’m going to do some paddle boarding if the weather permits, take some swimsuit photos for Sunny Company, and try to get my bunny room cleaned. Stay tuned and I will check in again soon! Enjoy the videos and photos. I’m also uploading other exclusive photos and videos from this weekend  to my fan club!

Until next time! Byeeeeeee!!!!